The CubeSTAR organization is comprised of both students and faculty members. The organizational structure consists of several work groups, ranging from project management to technical groups in charge of the subsystems in the satellite. The positions of project manager and technical manager are headed by faculty members in order to maintain the continuity and overall control of the project. They are in charge of maintaining the progress of the project, supporting the student and managing the administrative aspects of the project (e.g. licenses, launch coordination, funding, etc.).

CubeSTAR organization
                              Chart of the CubeSTAR organization

The managers are supported by faculty engineers and Ph.D. candidates involved in the project. The main responsibility for these members is to supervise the individual technical groups, support the student with technical advice in their graduate thesis and to help produce the electronics developed by the students.

There are five technical groups:
-     Electronic Power System (EPS) group
-     Communication (COMM) group
-     Attitude Determination and Control (ADC) group
-     On-Board Controller (OBC) group
-     Payload group

 Project Manager: Torfinn Lindem (contact)
Technical Manager: Espen Trondsen (