Testing of Langmuir probes at ESTEC

During the first week of june, Tore André Bekkeng, Knut Stanley Jacobsen, Espen Trondsen and Arne Pedersen were testing Langmuir probes in the plasma chamber at ESTEC.
Several versions, sizes, materials and coatings were tested, and further analysis of the results will help decide which one is best suited for the upcoming missions.

This is the probes that will be used on the main scientific instrument onboard CubeSTAR. Before the CubeSTAR launch, they will also be flown on several sounding rocket missions including:
  • 3 ECOMA-rockets (FFI) from Andøya Rocket Range Dec. 2010
  • ICI-3 (UiO) from Ny-Ålesund Dec. 2011
  • MICA (NASA/Cornell University) from Poker Flat, Alaska Jan. 2012