Workshop ANSAT 2010, May 2nd - May 4th


The focus of this workshop was the COMM and EPS subsystems, with four students from UiO/CubeSTAR participating.
In addition to students from HiN/HinCube, the enthusiasm and expertise of Wouter Weggelaar from ISIS added weight to this workshop, which also included an inspiring lecture on satellite communications in which retired Prof. Gunnar Stette from NTNU could draw from his vast experience in the field.
The first day included student presentations of the COMM and EPS subsystems and also a brief technical demonstration of the COM system, while the second day was spent trying to establish a communication link between the COMM subsystem and Andøya Ground Station.
Participants from the CubeSTAR project were Johan Tresvig, Markus Grønstad, Martin Oredsson, and Kjetil Rensel.